Professor John B. Ketterson
Professor John B. Ketterson
j-ketterson AT northwestern.edu
Tech FG19
Joseph Sklenar
Doctoral Student Joseph Sklenar
JosephSklenar2014 AT u.northwestern.edu
Tech FG19

I am working on broadband ferromagnetic resonance measurements of patterned nano-magnet structures.  One specific measurement I am interested in is measuring the more elusive vortex core resonance that occurs in patterned dots or antidot structures.  These materials have potential as high density memory storage in computing.
Johathan Trossman
Doctoral Student Jonathan Trossman
jonathantrossman2014 AT u.northwestern.edu
Tech FB36

I am developing a magneto-optical atom trap to make a Bose-Einstein condensate of rubidium.
Zigeng Liu
Doctoral Student Zigeng Liu
ZigengYin2009 AT u.northwestern.edu
Tech FB36

Atom Trapping.
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