We are a collaboration-friendly research group.

There are additional facilities in the Magnetic and Physical Properties Measurement Facility.

New!  We have an Andor 303 mm focal length Czerny-Turner spectrograph and DU420A-BEX2-DD thermoelectric cooled camera.

Pulsed YAG
EKSPLA PL2143SS 30 picosecond pulsed neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (ND:YAG) 1064 nm laser with doubler (532 nm) and trippler (355 nm) 10 Hz repetition rate for 30 mJ pulses

              parametric amplifier
Homemade optical parametric amplifier.  Takes 355 nm photons from EKSPLA laser and converts them into two longer wavelength photons.  Provides pulsed light tunable over a wide range of at least 425 nm to 2000 nm.  Characterizaton.

CW 532
Spectra-Physics Millennia V 532 nm 5 Watt solid state neodymium yttrium vanadate (NdYVO4) laser.  532 nm is after doubling.  Pumps a homemade tunable titanium-sapphire (Ti:sapph) 780-790 nm laser.

Kimmon Koha IK5451R-E Helium Cadmium Laser.  16 mW at 325 nm or 77.4 mW at 442 nm.

Quantronix 416 neodymium-doped yttrium lithium fluoride (Nd:YLF) 1064 nm laser.  100 picosecond 1.8 mJ pulses when mode locked and Q switched.  Has only been operated in continuous wave mode recently (11 Watts!).  Will set stuff on fire.

SPEX 500M Fiber Spectrometer with liquid nitrogen cooled Spectrum One CCD 1000.  Gratings go from 0 to 1500 nm.  0.02 nm resolution.  CCD is 578 x 385 pixels.  Peak quantum efficiency is 50% at 750 nm and dark current is 1 electron/pixel/hour.  Spectral response ranges from 400 to 1000 nm.  This instrument, including its control computer, is from roughly 1992, but it still works most of the time.

Janis Model 10DT Optical Research Dewar.  Used for low temperature optical experiments.  Submerges a sample in superfluid helium, which has a temperature of 2 Kelvin (-456 Fahrenheit).  Includes helium recycling system.  Has a liquid nitrogen jacket and two vacuum jackets plus vacuum pumps.  Built in 1974 and still works well.

Home made sputtering system can coat samples up to a few centimeters across.  Left sample chamber sputters thin layers of conductive materials using DC high voltage.  The right side is for AC sputtering of nonconductive samples.  Recently silver, platinum, and copper have been sputtered.  A turbopump is available.

Controlled atmosphere annealing oven.  The glass tube can be pumped out with a vacuum pump and filled with various gases.  It is inserted to the oven, which can exceed 1000 Celsius (1800 Fahrenheit).

Cold Atom
Nearing completion: Rubidium Magneto-Optical Atom Trap

Microwave measurement apparatus