Postdoctoral Scholars

  • We currently have no openings for Postdoctoral positions. Please check back at another time.

  • Graduate Students

  • Research in the Stern group is focused on the quantum interface between light and matter, manifest through the novel optical and magnetic properties of nano-scale solid-state devices. We are seeking highly-motivated graduate students to join our new group where they will have the opportunity to learn, develop, and implement a wide range of techniques from advanced micro- and nano-fabrication methods to time-resolved optical spectroscopy. Students will leverage the numerous resources of Northwestern University to explore how light and matter interact on the smallest scales, with deep exposure to the broad disciplines of photonics, quantum information, magnetism, materials science, and nanoscience. Interested students should contact Prof. Stern by email to discuss available positions.

  • Undergraduate Students

  • The opportunity to conduct research and work in a laboratory can be an extremely rewarding experience for undergraduate students, whether they decide to pursue graduate school or not. We encourage motivated undergraduate students at Northwestern University who are interested in quantum physics and nanophotonics to contact Prof. Stern by email to arrange a meeting to discuss potential research opportunities.

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