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DCS# 7A60.10NWU# A-6 Location:    9 D 4
title: Electron Diffraction

The multiple-target electron-diffraction CRT consists of a cathode ray tube with thin-film
amorphous aluminum and crystalline graphite targets mounted within. In the tube, electrons are accelerated to 8.2 kV and are directed to pass through either the aluminum or graphite samples. The resulting diffraction patterns are made visible by the phosphors in the screen of the tube. The dimensions of the patterns can be measured with a millimeter scale, and the electron wavelength and lattice constants can be derived. A TV camera can display these patterns on a monitor. Operating instructions: To prolong tube filament and target, the intensity
control should be turned down when not actually displaying the patterns.

See Welch Scientific
Co. manual for more info.

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