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DCS#  5L30.11NWU#  E-65Location:   ??
title: AC-DC Converter
aka:  Full wave bridge rectifier and filtering

    A bi-color LED is connected to an 60 Hz AC source and swung in a circle.  The resultant pattern is a series of arcs, alternating red and green.  
   When the LED is connected to a diode, or half wave rectifier, one color disapears to be replaced by a black gap.
    The LED is connected to a full wave rectifier, the arcs are all the same color, but separated by short dark areas as the voltage drops to zero.
   With the addition of a filter capacitor, the dark areas disaprear.

    What would happen to the arcs of the swinging LED if the frequency were increased.
pix of set updiode bridgemovie