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DCS#  5K40.45NWU#  E-53Location:  10 E 1
title: Two Hand Generators
aka:  generator/motor comparisons

    A "GENECON" is a hand held generator with a maximum output of about 6 V no load and a short circuit current of about 2 A.  
   When connected to a light bulb, cranking will light the bulb.  When the circuit is broken, it takes much less torque to turn the crank, since there is no current flow to interact with the magnetic fields in the generator.  The torque is more pronounced when the genecon is shorted out.
    When connected to another genecon, turning one will cause the other to turn, a motor/generator pairing.
    When a genecon is connected to a capacitor, turning the genecon will charge the capacitor.  When the capacitor is charged, the handle will continue to turn while the capacitor discharges through the genecon.

  What force causes the resistance when current flows through the genecon?
   Which way should the genecon turn while the capacitor is discharging?
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