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DCS# 5B20.10NWU# ES-4Location:    10 B 4
title: Faraday Ice Pail

Copper ball can be charged and lowered into the pail.  The electroscope attached to the outside of the pail will register charge, and no charge when the ball is removed.
   Charge can also be deposited on the inside surface of the pail, and the ball becomes neutral as shown when removed, but the pail remains charged.

An electrophorus is a good source of charge.

Set up available with a galvanized bucket on an insulating sheet.

   Will charge transfer if the pail is charged and the ball is touched to the outside?
   What would happen to the pail's charge if it is grounded with the charged ball inside? What will the pail's charge be after the ball is removed?
pix of set upelectrophorus