Northwestern University

Undergraduate Physics Labs

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Lab Location

All of the introductory physics labs are located in Northwestern University's Technological Institute (Tech). Tech is located at 2145 Sheridan Rd. as shown on the map image.

Campus Map

Tech is encircled in pink. Some of the instructors (esp. Dr. Schmidt) have offices in the Dearborn Observatory which is also shown encircled in green.

In order to indicate a more precise location of the labs, Tech has been expanded and more detail about the ground floor has been provided.

Lab Location Map

Tech's room numbers are specified as WFRR where W is the wing specification (A-N), F is the floor specification (B,G,1,2,3,4), and RR is the room number within the wing. Each hallway intersection has plaques that point to nearby wings and even point to room number ranges, but first you must get in the correct vicinity and on the correct floor before these plaques will be of much help.

The basement (B) level and the upper levels (3-4) have missing sections, so you will want to get near your destination using the intermediate floors before going to the basement or upper floors; otherwise, you might find that "you can't get there from here." The room you are looking for does not join with the wing you are in at the level you are on.

Beginning at the north-west corner of Tech (top left in the image), wings A-E progress across the top as you move toward the lake. Similarly, from the south-west corner (bottom left), wings F-K progress across the bottom as you move toward the lake. Wings L-N progress from the courtyard on the west as you move toward the lake through the center of Tech... (between the horizontal hallways). We would prefer a simpler layout, but Tech has been expanded and modified many times and not always with a simpler layout in mind.

The arrows in the image indicate all of the exterior egresses available to students who have no specialized access. The green arrows indicate entrances that lead directly to the ground floor where the labs are located. The burnt orange arrows indicate entrances that lead to the first floor where several of the instructors have offices. The brown arrows indicate entrances that lead directly to stairwells; go up to the first floor or go down to the ground floor after entering these doors.

In addition to these doors to the outside, there is a pedway connecting the first floor to the science and engineering library at the northeast corner near the deli and vending machines...however, the science and engineering library is under construction presently. There are two pedways connecting the second floor to the Ford Engineering Center at the southwest corner and to the Catalysis Center at the southeast corner. The library and the Catalysis Center are further connected to other buildings via pedway allowing us to remain indoors during inclimate weather.

The green lines inside the building indicate ground floor hallways. First floor hallways are similar except that spurs leading to ground floor egress are not present unless they also lead to a stairwell.

The white font indicates areas in Tech that introductory physics students will find of interest. Specifically, the laboratory rooms (MG11, MG32, MG35, and MG75) and the location of the lab assistant's office (MG71) are all shown. Most of the physics personnel and most of the physics research laboratories are located in the F-wing, so this wing is also accented. The physics business offices (F155-F165) are located along the north-south (vertical) hallway on the first floor of Tech's F-wing.

Finally, the locations of the stairwells and elevators in Tech are shown as indicated by the Legend in the image.

The Dearborn Observatory has also been expanded to help the students find Dr. Schmidt's office (Dearborn 15) and the SPS common room. Dr. Taylor's office (Dearborn 11) and Dr. Brown's office (Dearborn 10) will also be needed by some students.

Dearborn Map

To access the SPS common room, proceed to Dearborn's basement as indicated through the door with the "Please keep door closed" sign. If the stairway light is off, then the SPS students are likely elsewhere.